HYPERMORGEN is an interdisciplinary lab for Futures Research.
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We believe that long-term success results, on one hand, from anticipating future developments to make better decisions today. On the other, it is crucial to understand the unforeseeable to make strategies robust against future shocks.

We do not only work with traditional methods of Futures Research to distinguish the likely from the unforeseeable – we also work on creating Foresight Tools for the 21st Century. Combining those with our database of influential change drivers, we can help you to understand and use Foresight as long-term pillars for your strategy. Our clients include:

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We research novel concepts and applications that are based on traditional methods of Futures Research. Read our Paper "Foresight 2.0 - Definition, overview & evaluation", which was published in the European Journal of Futures Research. Our Evaluation is based on a comparative analysis of past and current applications within the realm of Foresight 2.0, which are listed in this Google Spreadsheet.

Our final theses within the MA Futures Research at FU Berlin covered the following topics
° Contingency Architectures: An exploration of the foundations for future-proof systems(Abstract as PDF)
° Design Fiction: On the Communication of Futures(Abstract as PDF)
° Eyeware: Project Glass and the future of Smartphones(Abstract as PDF)
Amongst our thesis advisors were reknown Futures Research proponents such as Karl-Heinz Steinmüller, Gerhard De Haan, Reinhold Popp and Christopher Coenen. They are soon to be published in "Sozialwissenschaftliche Zukunftsforschung" at Institut Futur (German).


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